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7 Sins Powdered Cocktail Mix Pouches

7 Sins Powdered Cocktail Mix Pouches

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Your favorite cocktails in a single-serving pouch that's ready to take on-the-go, straw and all. Whether you're going to the beach and adhering to those "no glass" rules, going to a party, or taking a day out on the boat, our pouches are perfect for any event where you want to have your favorite cocktail on hand. Just add water and the liquor of your choice and it's ready to throw in the fridge or cooler and enjoy. You can also throw them in the freezer for a few hours, or just blend with ice for the perfect alcoholic slushy. Available in a single serving pouch and a party pouch size that's three drinks in one, you're going to want to make sure you always have these on hand for your next outing. Made with the highest quality ingredients and topped with real dried fruit, we're sure these will be your new favorite thing. 


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